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Turning Your Restaurant into More of a Café

Turning Your Restaurant into More of a Café - Brad Gauthier

For 10 years, we’ve been in business serving some of the best pizza and pasta that Montreal has ever tasted. There is nothing like it to be honest. It is not just about the great taste, but also the whole presentation of how our restaurant looks. We even were able to add sidewalk tables a few years ago that really made it an even better experience.

To be honest with you, that was not easy at all. The permits and licensures we had to get were beyond words. Still, it was well worth it. We wanted a place that was the best around and this only made us a step more above the others.

We loved the idea of the sidewalk tables, but two problems began to occur, both related to nature. On days that it was unbearably hot, no one would want to sit outside. There was such a beautiful view of the city sitting outside, but when you feel hotter than the pizza, it is hard to eat. That was not allowing us to attract customers like we wanted.

Then there is the problem with rain. When even a small amount of rain started to come down we could no longer use our tables, ruining a part of what made us so great. That is when a great idea came to mind.

We thought the perfect solution was an awning. We had seen some of these around the city, and thought that if we got a company that installed some awnings montreal to put a nice one above the sidewalk area then we could have the best of both worlds. On days that it was nice outside we would just leave it retracted, but on days where it was lightly raining or unbearably hot then we would extend it out, protecting the customers and making our sidewalk area accessible again.

Needless to say, it worked like a charm. The people loved that they could go outside to eat, but still not be subject to the elements when they were on the harsh side. They even began to bring more of their friends and before we knew it we were busier than ever. This little alteration for the benefit of our customers really made them feel loved by us, and they, in turn, showed love to us. What a great thing this turned out to be.

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Né d’un père anglophone et d’une mère francophone, c’est suite à mes études au cégep que j’ai rapidement pris le chemin de la traduction: une seconde nature pour moi. C’est pourquoi aujourd’hui écrire est non seulement mon métier… mais aussi une passion, dans les deux langues. C’est par le biais de ce blogue que vous pourrez en apprendre davantage sur mes expériences de vie, sur ma femme et sur mes charmants enfants qui activent mon quotidien.